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If you have clicked on this tab?

Good for you! You are in for a real treat!

Yeah! You have read it right!

'Scottish Pancakes'

Totally non steel related but a little secret I will do you the immense honour of having before it disappears forever!

My mother has for many years made the most wonderful ‘Scottish Pancakes'!!
If you haven’t tried them (and many, especially abroad haven’t)
Get your wife or anybody else’s wife to make them for you!

In fact get off your lazy butt and make them yourself!!!!

I guarantee satisfaction!

My folks were in the hotel trade for some years when I was in my teens and my mother developed baking skills to die for.
Her pancakes were the envy of many and an all time favourite with guests!
Her recipe and method however have remained something of a secret
'Until now'
Hand written at 88 years of age.

What age are you? Do you write like that?


My mother passed away 24th Dec 2013 At 92yrs.
She will be remembered for much
but most certainly for her pancakes!


These pancakes topped with home made raspberry jam are the absolute biz!!


Do drop me a line if you achieve success (whoever makes them!!)