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Famous Steelies

Many Famous Pedal Steel Guitarists have come and gone since the infancy of the instrument.

If you have an interest in Pedal steel and you do nothing else when your on this page click on Curly Chalker's name and watch it through! wow!

Alvino ReyThe first PSG recording artist was Alvino Rey who in the 1930's also worked closely with the Gibson Guitar Co advising on the development of their early instruments.




Jerry ByrdAnother early highly respected name was Jerry Byrd who joined  the Grand Ole Opry in 1944  backing among others, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton Hank Williams, Ernest Tubb.




Shot Jackson who was the man behind Sho-Bud who produced PSGs from the 50s to the 80. Click here for a YouTube video of Shot.

Leon McAuliffeLeon McAuliffewho gave us the famous number 'Steel Guitar Rag' a tune he apparently adapted from a combination of Sylvester Weaver's "Guitar Rag" and part of the Hawaiian song "On The Beach At Waikiki"




Roy Ayers

Roy Ayres A Pioneer and Grand Ole Opry Musician known for full chords and smooth tone he played on all of Pee Wee King's major hits including 'Tennessee Waltz'  Roy was a Director of Fender Musical Instruments


Pete Drake Pete Drake who gave us the talking Sho-Bud steel guitar was another household name.    Click on Pete's Name for an interesting page!!





Jimmy DayJimmy Day whose copedent (pedal and lever set-up) was the reverse order to Buddy Emmons and is the set-up preferred by numbers of players, Jimmy passed away in 1999 and was another great loss to the Steel Community.




Tom BrumleyZane Beck who was ZB guitars. and the great!

Tom Brumley photographed herewho put Zane's ZBs on the map. Tom Died this year after a brief spell in Hospital, he was a much loved steel player.




Hal RuggHal Rugg was  a wonderful exponent of Bruce Zumstegg's Zum Steel Guitar, Hal was a serious picker a great Jazz player, super in duo's with Buddy!



John HugheyJohn Hughey, known until his death in 2007 as Papa John! The father figure in the Nashville Steel Community, as much loved for his gracious personality as for his superb playing, a well known example of John's playing would be in Vince Gill's 'Look At Us'!



Jeff NewmanJeff Newman another gentleman of the industry was much respected for his teaching of the instrument, Jeffran College of Pedal Steel founded in 1969 has been visited by many and Jeff  passed on a wealth of knowledge before his untimely death in a plane crash. Click here to visit his site.


Curly Chalker Curly Chalker best known for his C6th playing made us listen intently in the 70's for his unique brand of playing my Vinyl copy is still a  treasured possession!  click on his name for a super video




Lloyd GreenLloyd Green who made famous the Sho-Bud LDG SD10 in the 70's Lloyd was and still is a big favourite a many. The list of country artists he has backed is too long to list.



Doug JerniganDoug Jernigan wow that man's fingers go faster than the speed of light! He has since the 70s and is still giving us outstanding PSG playing.



Buddy EmmonsBuddy Emmons... of Emmons Guitar fame! Where to start! The man has been a genius on the instrument I think it would accurate to say he has influenced his peers more than any other by far, all have tried and many are still trying to play like Buddy.



Tommy WhiteTommy White Often house steelie at the 'Opry'  his playing particularly C6th is awesome to say the very least. He has a totally unique style of improvisation that simply blows you away! As for speed picking! your brain struggles to keep up never mind your fingers!!!!



Paul FranklinPaul Franklin (Franklin PSGs) is another current player in Nashville and appears and can be seen at most of the big name concerts George Jones etc.



Joe WrightJoe Wright who I'm sure would not mind in the least me calling the showman of pedal steel, Joe packs a very entertaining performance when he gets behind that Sierra.



Al BriscoAl Brisco Canada's renowned steel player, Al has a great style and has for many years been a voice in the PSG industry.



Mike Johnson  One of Nashville's best current Steelies, a beautiful touch and consistant quality sound.





Jim Cohen

Jim Cohen whose style has been mainly Jazz  has and astounding ability on the C6th neck, he of  recent times has been producing some country material and good it is too! Click on Jim to take you to the [sounds/other steelies] page to hear Jim Jamming on Eb on the C6th Neck. Jim's Site


There are many More.  And I will endeavour to give them suitable coverage as the site progresses, keeping up to date with the more recent guys on the block.

The above are all west of the Atlantic the rest will be here shortly! Never fear!!!