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I Started to compile a list of Steel Players from the US and Canada then requested the assistance of my fellow steel players from there to add to the list.

Some alas are no longer with us but others are the current big performing  / session steelies of today.

Currently 'The List' stands as follows.

Bryan Adams Mickey Adams Rick Alexander Maurice Anderson Roy Ayers Bert Ballard Stu Basore Doug Beaumier Randy Beavers Doug Beck Zane Beck Larry Bell Terry Bethel Billy Birchfield Bobby Black Jerry Blanton Noel Boggs Johnny Bondz Johnny Bonvillian Bruce Bouton Billy Bowman Bobby Bowman Jeff Bradshaw Tom Bradshaw Al Bragg Jerry Brightman Al Brisco Alan Brookes Don Brown Junior Brown Tom Brumley Sonny Burnett Butch Butler Jerry Byrd Buddy Cage John David Call Jody Cameron Chuck Campbell Gary Carpenter Gary Carter Jody Carver Cindy Cashdollar Mike Cass Nan Cawby Curly Chalker Carson Chamberlain Pee Wee Charles Buddy Charleton Carco Clave Clarence Clue Jim Cohen BJ Cole Hank Corwin Johnny Cox J.B. Crabtree Jimmie Crawford Roger Crawford Bret Crisp Terry Crisp Fred Cronier Jonathon Cullifer Randle Currie Sonny Curtis Wayne Dahl Rusty Danmyer Don Davis Ricky Davis Jimmie Day Milo Deering Tommy Detamore Hank DeVito Bryan Dixson Mike Douchette Jack Dougherty Pete Drake Jerry Dube Dan Dugmore Bob Dunn Danny Dunn Rabbit Easter Cowboy Eddie Roger Edgeington Joe Edwards Evan Ehgoetz Ron Elliott Buddy Emmons


Buzz Evans


Jimmy Farmer Tony Farr Neil Flanz Paul Franklin Wayne Gailey Gerry Garcia Bobby Garrett Sonny Garrish Chet Gibson Peter Grant Lloyd Green Jean Guy Grenie Doyle Grisham Kenny Grohman Ernie Hagar Norman Hamlett Donna Hammitt Chuck Haney Blake Hawkins Walter Haynes Mike Headrick Don Helms Eric Heywood Russ Hicks Steve Hinson Garry Hogue Lew Houston John Hughey Danny Hulahen Slim Idaho Bud Isaacs Ben Jack Doug Jernigan Cousin Jody Mike Johnson Mike (Cookie) Jones Fred Justice Ben Keith John King Junior Knight Bobby Koefer Steve Lamb John Le Masters Leo Leblanc Bobby Lee Greg Leisz David Lindley Jim Loessberg Bob Lucier Bob Maickal Lloyd Maines Barbara Mandrel Jay Dee Maness Duanne Marrs Denny Mathis Leon McAuliff Dick Meis Buddy Merrill Ronnie Miller Ray Montee Ralph Mooney Tommy Morrell Del Mullen Jim Murphy Joaquin Murphy Wally Murphy Weldon Myrick Garland Nash Jeff Newman Wayne Newton Lucky Oceans Gene O'Neal Rudy Osborne Oura Oubre Dicky Overby Lynn Owsley Russ Pahl Steve Palousek Rob Parker Al Perkins Sneaky Pete Al Petty Lonnie Portwood Billy Poteet James Price Rick Price Robert Randolph Buck Reid Herb Remington Alvino Rey Randy Rheinhard Red Rhodes Rusty Rhodes Russ Rickmann Jack Rider Kayton Roberts Billy Robinson Joe Rogers Lou Roschell Hal Rugg Jody Sanders Santo and Johnny Tim Sargent Larry Sasser Joe Savage DeWitt Scott Pat Sever Bobbe Seymour Johnny Siebert Mike Sigler Mike Smith Steve Smith Danny Sneed David Spires Dale Stacey Herb Steiner Jack Stoner Ollie Strong Bill Stroud Bill Sutton Les Swanson Mike Sweeney Joe Talbot Albert Talley Jerry Taylor Vance Terry Julian Tharpe Fred Tompson Bill Tonnesson Travis Toy Kenny Trantham Robbie Turner Bobby Tuttle Dan Tyack Al Udeen Bud Vanderburg Jim Vest Herby Wallace Don Zane King Warden Russ Weaver Big Jim Webb Bill West Speedy West Bobby White Tommy White Pee Wee Whitewing Roy Wiggins Earl Williams Mike Wilson Bob Wingrove Winnie Winston David Wright Joe Wright Rusty Young Bruce Zumsteg Robbie Springfield Al(boo)Miller

All of the links below are great but I have to confess I have always loved Jay Dee Maness steel break on 'Ray Stevens' Misty it was just .. 'so good'!

Hal RuggLloyd Green, Tommy WhiteJim CohenMike Johnson, Bruce Bouton, Mike Headrick, Randy BeaversJay.Dee.ManessJim Loessberg, Sonny CurtisTerry Bethel, Mike WilsonBret Crisp,

NB. A note of thanks to Mark Dayton (involved with Tom Bradshaw on Webb amps in Antioch, California) for edittng the above list for me, which is now also in alphabetical order, thank you Mark

If I have still missed names that should be on there do let me know and I will add them.