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I have been asked a numbers of times about
10 string E9th PSG Set-up

and how it affects instruction etc.

This should remove the mysteries of Emmons / Day / Newman etc.

Though I'm more of a PSG tech than teacher I hope this makes basic set-up clearer!

Set-up has often been adopted simply because!
‘that was the way the guitar was when I got it’
Nine out of ten players will tell you that

If you understand the functions of the pedals and levers it should make little odds which books you get for instruction. Regardless of the number of extra pedals on your guitar or how they are placed ....... 

There will be three main functional pedals known as:

ABC (123) on Emmons and CBA (321) on Day (regardless of the levers)

These 'are' written in stone!

Ok … Emmons (pedals)
A (1) raises strings     5 & 10   B to C#
B (2) raises strings     3 & 6    G# to A
C (3) raises strings     4 & 5    (4 E to F#) 5 (B to C#)

The Day setup raises the exact same strings only the pedals are in reverse order.

Emmons (levers) standard 4 levers.
LKL raises strings   4 & 8 E to F
LKR lowers strings 4 & 8 E to Eb
RKL raises string 1 (F# to G or G#) lowers string 6 (G# to G or F#)
RKR lowers strings 2 & 9 (2 D# to D/C#) (9 D to C#)

LKL = Left Knee Left (etc)

The RKL functions I've shown are subject to personal preference and are often changed, some don't lower the 6th string but raise the 7th for a 7th chord, some raise the Ist string a half note, others a full one, some raise the 2nd string and not the 1st but these are all player specific!

On Day (as above) this action is in reverse. The left knees are swapped round (left action lowering, right action raising) and the corresponding on the right levers.

Another key player and teacher was Jeff Newman and his preference was to have the E and F levers on the right knee (some like this set-up but it is a lower percentage of players)

As for the Tab: On Emmons set-up the first part of (somewhere over the rainbow) would read as follows

5___________3--3A___3A___3A______3A-3A ___1--8A---8__________________

What you are reading there is …..

First note third fret open second note third fret engage A&B pedals (B raising 6 and A raising 10) (that is Emmons setup)

Where you see to 8E & 8F those are engaging the (in this case Emmons left levers) on that note! Those would not indicate the setup, only the pedals would! Your levers could be on either knee going in either direction, regardless of your set-up the tab as shown gives the same result! Just engage the one 'you have set-up' to raise or lower your 'E's

Apply the principal and you’re off!!

Emmons Copedent as generally shown!

As you see here RKL raises 2nd string
The general adoption however is to raise the 1st string!