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Eric Snowball

I make reference to Eric Snowball in my opening remarks on the site as like so many in the UK my first PSG came from him.

Sadly Eric passed away July 2014


Eric had his own personality but was much loved in the steel community, he will be sadly missed for his banter and his generous ways with players over the years.

Known to steel players the country over Eric put pedal steel on the map in the UK without a doubt, though there was a short term Sho-Bud presence in Denmark Street, Eric and the Steel Mill was the place to go for all things steel. Things got off to a flier when he started importing the ZB Custom brand and had players promoting them out in the circuits!

The shop in Maidstone was a Mecca for players and the ‘craic’ form the staff will be long remembered, Eileen and Anne Marie getting orders out in a timely manner generally with much high spirit! Happy days!

Some pictorial memories here for all who touched shoulders with Eric at some point in their lives.


The early days


ESE Upper Fant Road Maidstone (after moving from the Broadway)


Eric in Good Company!!


'The ZB Diary'  (I carried mine around with me!)


Some recent pics of members of Eric's seventies 'Sales Team!'



At a gig in 2012

A great loss to the UK PSG community

R.I.P. Eric Snowball