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Vintage Fender PS210


The Awesome Fender PS210

Some shots here of a superb piece of Pedal Steel Guitar engineering! Only a few of these were made and seeing one at all now is scarce. I recall drooling of them in Fender brochures back in the 70’s ..way beyond my pocket at the time and in fact that was their problem they were so over engineered they were prohibitive to buy! The guitar is stunning in capability and ease of adjustment and change (Basil Henriques) the owner of this one tells me you can change the setup ie., pedals ABC to CBA in approx three minutes!

My Goodness!

It was a  joy to even stand beside it I would love to chat with the guys who built this!


The mechanisms of the guitar videoed and kindly supplied by Basil Henriques.


Thanks for that Basil !

We eagerly await you playing it now and putting it through its paces!

At Last!!!!!!

I had sleepless nights over this Guitar years ago

and now I know why!


Basil!!!...Absolutely Magic! Thank you!!