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A New PS Guitar

If you are in the market for a new Pedal Steel Guitar of outstanding quality and build

this could be what you have been waiting for



'Black Pearl'


My friend in the south Dave Wheelhouse is producing an exceptional guitar
I played an instrument built by him some months back before the refinements
of this one were added and was well impressed by its smoothness
the whole attention to detail was superb and it's
built by a player, that's what makes the difference!
You may wonder why I have put up this tab as I make part of my living from
the refurb and build of PSGs and Dave could be perceived to be opposition!
Currently I have more than I can handle on refurbs and see this instrument
as an excellent choice for any player old or new!
therfore I have absolutely no hesitation in promoting it to the wider
steel community.
DW has no idea I am putting up this tab but of course he will find out shortly!
I trust it encourages business his way he deserves it for the thought and effort

he has put into this beautiful product.




Hard Rock Maple and Aluminium Composite Body
High Gloss Lacquered Finish with Inlays as standard
24-inch scale
Wood Necks as standard
Customised Fret Boards
George L pick-ups
Triple Raise, Triple Lower
All Pull Mechanism
Super Smooth – Fast – Light and Responsive Action
Sealed Stainless Steel Bearings at the Changer, Peg Head and Cross Shafts
Square Cross Shafts in Stainless Steel
Hard Anodised Aluminium Changer Fingers
Minimal String Breakage
Tuneable Half Stops
Tension Adjustable Springs
Sperzel Tuning Pegs
Unique Changer Mechanism, CNC Laser Cut Stainless Steel Ensures Accurate Tuning
Centre Pull on All Bell Cranks
One Piece Changer and Pick Up Housing
Choice of Wood Stain or Solid Colours
Custom made Flight Case, (If Required)
Check with Dave for comprehensive details and lead times!

Dave's Latest Creation 


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