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Irish Steelies

These are some of Ireland's best and trust me they are good !!


Richard Nelson with the Mick Flavin Band using (Bethal D10/Emmons P/P  D10/ WBS  SD10)

Martin Cleery with Robert Mizzell + The Country Kings using (Emmons LG  D10)

Declan O,Haire with the Jimmy Buckley Band using  (Excel SD10 + Emmons SD10)

Phil O,Neill
with the Sean Loughrey Band using  (Emmons LG3  D10)

Brendan Napier
with the John Mc Nicholl Band using( Mullen SD10)

Steven Hamilton 'half of'  Country Harmony  using (Rains SD10)

Stephen Smythe with the Stephen Smythe Band using (Mullen D10)

Paul Gallagher with the   Mary  B  Duo   using (Excel SD10)

Eddie Byrne with the John Staunton band + freelance (Sho-Bud ProI)

Ted Nesbitt half of the Steve Farlow Duo using (Mullen SD10)

Paul Brennan steel, guitar, fiddle, harmonica with the Ray Murtagh band (EMCI D10)

Roy Campbell played with the Rory Daniells band, Daniel O'Donnell
presently doing a solo show (BMI SD10)
I was talking to:
Percy Robinson last weekend and he was telling me he has played steel on the following albums over the years!
‘Album’ ‘Artist’ ‘Year’
Town and Country Phillip Donnelly 1988
Neither Flesh nor Fish Terence Trent D’Arby 1989
Happy Like This Mike Hanley 1993
No Deeper Blue Townes Van Zandt 1994
Oh What a World Paul Brady 2001Unfinished Business Henry McCullough 2002
When a Wrong Turns Right Rev Neil Down 2003
Looking Glass Colm McConville 2003
Small Town Brendan Quinn 2005
Down the Line Ciaran Tourish 2005
Full Tide Mary Black 2005
Western Soul Paul Buckley 2006
Poor Man’s Moon Henry McCullough 2008
We’re Together Again Evelyn & Hugh McLean 2009
Licks from the Sticks Percy Robinson 2009
Howl On Bap Kennedy 2009

When the time comes Eilidh Petterson. 2009

Goodness me!!! And all without finger picks!  (Not an album!! Just me remarking!)


Check out the Galleries page and you'll see some of these guys 'In Action!'


Ted also runs Rainbow Music Ireland  supporting  the guys with Steels new / used and all sundry amplification and accessories