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ISGF 2011



Irish Steel Guitar Festival 2011


Some video clips from the festival


These are a random pick in no preferential order, my only endeavour is to make sure everybody is represented, whether playing or in song I will go back and add more gems.



By Name Only


Russ Hicks

Marcel Parijs

Paul Brennan

Derek Thurlby

Ted Nesbitt

Francois DeVille

Bob Adams

Hans De Jong

Donny Johnston

David Hartley & John Stannard

Dave Kirk

Mark Horn

Gerry Hogan & Tony McGrath

Peter Nylund

Aidan Cunningham

Russ and Ronnie Hicks

Richard Nelson and Butch Mahr

Torben Koch

Pat Orpen, Dave Kirk

Bob Adams (vocal)

Russ Hicks
More to come !!!